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Backtagging: Always.
Threadhopping: Always love threadhopping
Fourthwalling: Nooot something I want at this time.
Offensive subjects: None for me.
Original Characters - yay or nay? Elaborate if you wish: All the OCs! :D

Hugging this character: Yes!
Kissing this character: Uhhh you can but she'll get all super nervous and blushy and ahhh shoo.
Flirting with this character: Sure. She'll likely realize it, but not say anything.
Fighting with this character: Go for it. Verbally she'll fight back. Physically she'll try her best :\a
Killing this character: Talk to me, but I'll probably be fine!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go for it. She won't have any defenses, unless it's telepathy with darkness powers, and then she's probably a fortress lol.
Revealing that character's future or intended fate in the games: No prob.

Warnings/disclaimers: \o_O/

Supernatural sensing of species/soul-reading/etc., as well as magical abilities:
-Kairi's got minor abilities to sense mass amounts of darkness.

-Dreamwalking: As a greensworn, Kairi can hop into peoples' dreams. She won't want to do it without permission! (Though if you want her to accidentally slip in, just give me a poke ;D)


18/2/14 18:53
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Sometimes I see this boy in a black robe across the water at the island of our old hang out. These days it's Tidus and Wakka that go there the most, at least of kids that I know well enough from my class. This boy stands out amongst every bit of the islands. I know he can't be from around here, but who is he?

Something about him is... familiar. Whatever it is causes me to pause on the hilltop with schoolbooks in hand and just watch him, like maybe if I stare long enough I'll remember that part of me I'm missing.

And then like a shadow escaping as the sun rises, he's gone. If I go over there and wait long enough, could I see him again? Could he possibly have the answers that I seek? Do you know Riku? Why do you remind me of... someone?

Selphie would tell me not to bother if she knew about it (I keep this to myself, it's probably better that way because like my dreams, I can't explain it).

Eventually, I stop looking for him. It's been too long since I've last seen him... Again I find myself without answers to my questions, and I'm beginning to wonder if the boy in black was ever really there at all, or just the shadows playing with my mind again.


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